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Everyday Tech

An Automated Shopping Bot To Explore The Deep Web

Posted By John Brown


Some of the most amazing changes and improvements in the world where result of advancement in technology. Through the development of computers and the internet, people today can now communicate with each other even if they are miles apart. The World Wide Web has become another world wherein people virtually do almost everything they do in the real world like doing business transactions, banking, managing a business, earning money, and of course, shopping.

One of the most recent inventions that focus on the internet is the Random Darknet Shopper – an internet bot designed to purchase random items from the deep web.

The online shopping bot is developed by 2 Swiss artists. The artists developed the automated bot to explore the deep web landscape. The deep web can be considered as an unexplored area of the World Wide Web mainly because this is the market believed to be used for dubious transactions and items, much like the black market. According to experts, illegal items like weapons and drugs are what usually being negotiated and sold in the deep web since conventional search engines usually cannot access these areas of the web plus users cannot be traced making it perfect for doing dubious transactions.

The automated online bot is given a weekly budget of $100 in Bitcoins. The items randomly purchased by the Random Darkent Shopper will be displayed in a public exhibition. Every week, the bot will purchase an item from the deep web and items will be added to the exhibition space.


The first purchase made by the shopping bot is a fake Lacoste shirt being sold by a seller in Thailand. The item cost $34 worth of Bitcoins. The next order made by the bot was a Bitcoin miner, a computer hardware developed to search the web for Bitcoin currency which cost $25 worth of Bitcoins. The third purchase made by the automated bot is a box of firecrackers listed by the seller as a box of triangle crackers under the weapons category.

According to the artists, they are excited and also scared at the same time at what the online shopping bot might end up buying for the next weeks. The online shopping bot was already launched in 2014 in Switzerland but was stopped because the bot purchased ecstasy pills from the deep web.

Aside from these automated shoppers, there are also a lot of technologies that allow people to better use the web like buzzoid.com – buy Instagram followers today, which allow Instagram users to have more followers through simple steps.

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Everyday Tech

Technological Devices That You Use Every Day

Posted By John Brown

technologyThe technology has started to influence your lives ever since it has appeared. However, some things have been improved harder than others, but today there are available so many things is different areas of life, that everyone acknowledges the importance of technology.

This is why, today we’re going to make a short list with some of the things that you use every day, with the idea that you understand the influence of technology in your everyday life.

The TV

The first TV was black and white and it was a big box with a small screen. There has passed some time since then, and today you have available a multitude of options for choosing your TV. The cathode tube TV has disappeared, being replaced by the flat screen TV, plasma TV, led screen TV and there is also a TV with a curved screen that offers you in-depth images.

There is at least a TV in every house and you have access through them to different TV channels, with news, movies, music, reality shows, fashion, discoveries or historic documentaries, giving you a better vision of the world you live in.

You can say that the TV is a rich source of information, benefiting everyone who has time to watch the different channels.

The Computer

Did you know that the first computer was so big that it was required a space as big as a barn to fit it? Today, you have the possibility to have computers extremely performant and extremely small, compared to the first version.

2015-08-14-1439579942-1013723-AcerAspireE-thumbBased on the computer, there have also appeared the following devices: the tablet, the laptop, the smartphone, the iPhone and many other gadgets that people can’t live without anymore. These make your life so much easier – many of these devices allow you to work or have some fun, because the computers are used both at work and at home.

You can work on it, play games on it, watch movies or read books. Apart from this, the computers are also used for developing software, programs and apps that can be used for computers or other gadgets.

The Smart Phone

The technology development combined the regular phone (those small phones with buttons) with the computer, resulting a smart phone, called so because there are many things that this phone can do.

You can take pictures, make video calls, and access the internet, send e-mails, and install apps, play games and many other things. You can also work from your phone, edit documents, and make presentations and others.

The E-book Reader

This is a more recent development of the technology. People use the online environment for many things, and one of these things is to find and read online e-books. Because the times have evolved, scientists have also developed a special device that is used for reading books.

eBook-ReaderThese are small and compact and depending on their memory, can store up to thousand of books in different formats. All you have to do is download the book that you want and read it wherever you want.

It’s a device that is easy to use and it’s adequate for those who are avid readers, but also for everyone else who wants to carry more books around.

The Microwave

This is something that almost everyone has in their kitchen and it’s used for warming, defrosting or cooking different meals. This is something that has eased the cooking methods for everyone and it proves to be extremely useful.

The microwave simply warms the food from the inside, making it ready in just a few minutes – it works better than the oven in most of the cases and also faster. It’s one of those inventions that made your life a lot easier.

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