AARP Medicare Supplement Plans, know if you qualify

AARP, you must have heard about it and do you know it includes variety of senior services and all kinds of insurance. In fact, they also provide Medicare supplements; do you know what is it? Here it is, we will introduce you to AARP Medicare Supplement plans and for the coming year they will be the popular Medicare supplements.

Now, it is time you realize that the company offers so that you know to compare them with other providers of insurance and choose the appropriate supplement coverage plan.

AARP’s Services

AARP for a long time has been taking care of the senior service industry. They offer insurance, counseling, living assistance and a lot more for the seniors aiming to assist them in improving their lives and ensure the seniors receive the required help. The offerings of the insurance are the most prestigious and this is the reason many seniors sign every year for the coverage plans.

Medicare permits selling its plans like other insurance companies. These supplement plans are designed and regulated by Medicare, though the fact is that Medicare does not sell them. Medicare has no role in setting a price as well. It only determines the coverage type they have and the plans to be offered by companies selling the plans.

AARP is not associated with Medicare. It offers few Medicare plans, same as other insurance companies. The prices are higher than other insurance companies; however AARP provides some great member services to manage for the price difference so that seniors are not troubled.

How to avail AARP Medicare Supplement Plan

AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2019, if you now want one, you must possess a basic Medicare plan. Then again, to avail that basic plan you have to buy it directly through Medicare or buy it as Medicare Part C that is available by AARP and also through many other private insurance companies. Buying a supplement plan alone is impossible, if you do not have any Medicare insurance.

Signing at the right time is helpful as Medicare does not permit signing up at anytime you wish for Medicare Supplements. The Supplement plans are directly sold through AARP and you can also avail through other insurance companies. Thus, you may check their website and signup for the desired AARP Supplement plan.  The approval is not guaranteed as it requires you to be 65 years or more. Of course exceptions are there, but that is for people with crucial medical conditions.  Find out now with a medical rep or an insurance agent if you qualify for Medicare.